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Aerial Videography, Photography, Inspections, 3D Capture

Central Unmanned Aerial Services offers a wide range of services in the field of aerial Photography and Videography, based in the Midlands we offer a service that can stretch to most parts of the country. We specialise in Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) alongside the latest professional camera equipment to bring you stunning aerial film and photography at a price that makes economic sense to you and your needs.  A variety of high quality photographic and ultra HD video packages are available to clients seeking professional aerial media solutions that are adaptable and suitable for a variety of applications. The Drone used can shoot from the ground up to an altitude of over 400ft, providing magnificent aerial coverage...

Surveying and 3D Capture

Drones are able to provide survey data at much quicker speeds and much cheaper than conventional methods, and are rapidly being adopted for site surveys, exploration and volumetric calculations.

3D Capture is a new a powerful technology that can be useful in a variety of different ways, it is possible to recreate a surveyed site in full 3D, these 3D models can be imported into a host of different applications and 3D fly throughs can be created, a service that is offered by ourselves.


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